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On The Table Read “the best book magazine in the UK“, a THGM Writing Services book-reading survey found that readers plan to read books in 2023 than in 2022.

Book-Reading Survey

Around the world, English-speaking book readers intend to read more in 2023 than in 2022. Despite the increasing popularity of eBooks and even audiobooks, readers worldwide still prefer paper books. This is based on a THGM Writing Services survey of 945 book readers from 56 nations.

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In 2022, respondents were more likely to be light readers of 1 to 5 books (32%), or heavy readers of 20 or more books (27%). Particularly, the United States is a nation of bookworms, with 39% declaring that they were avid readers. However, regardless of how many books they read in 2022, the majority (64%) plan to read more in 2023.


“The results of the survey are encouraging,” said David Leonhardt, THGM Writing Services President. “Reading is alive and well. People have every intent to keep on reading, and they are reading all genres of fiction and non-fiction.”

In December 2022, the survey was carried out. The results have no margin of error assigned because this is an online poll. Age, gender, location, or any other factor has not been used to weigh the results.
This wasn’t a survey done at random. The majority of respondents self-identified as “readers.” Most people didn’t want to take part because they don’t read or haven’t read in a while. It would be most accurate to refer to readers when citing this survey.

Top Five Genres

  • History (34%)
  • Mystery (33%)
  • Biography (31%)
  • Fantasy (29%)
  • Science fiction (26%)

Print Books Are The Most Popular

In terms of format, paperback books are read the most frequently (41%) followed by Kindle books (20%) and hardcover books (16%). Even though eBooks and audiobooks have garnered a lot of attention, paper (print) remains the preferred reading medium. Canadians were more devoted to paperback (53 percent) and Americans were more devoted to Kindle (29 percent).

“Those who predicted the imminent end to printing on dead trees, did not take book readers into account,” said David Leonhardt. “They like the feel of paper. They like the smell of paper. They like to physically turn a page.”

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